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What is BroadBand?


The word BroadBand is now being associated with high-speed Internet access that effectively puts the World Wide Web at your command.  Dependent on location, you can have broadband connectivity through your existing phone or cable connection.  BroadBand operates on a different frequency than your voice connection allowing BroadBand and voice to work over the same physical connection simultaneously.  For a flat monthly charge you can remain permanently connected to the Internet.


For more information why not visit UK Online for Business which is part of the government-wide initiative UK Online, a major partnership to enable everyone in the UK to get online and fulfil the many opportunities offered by the Internet.

BroadBand for Business

The speed of Broadband and associated state-of-the-art telecommunications hardware (both at surprisingly affordable cost), offer considerable benefits to facilitate:

High Speed Shared Internet access - Multiple computers can access the Internet simultaneously through a single connection;


Teleworking - Access your office based applications quickly and securely from home;


Office to Office Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity - Join remote offices together and share applications and IT resources such as printers, servers and storage devices.


BroadBand for Home


Forget about waiting for dial-up or downloads that seem to take forever -  learn, shop, surf and play at high speed, without tying up your phone.


If you've been relying on a dial-up connection, you've been missing out on the true power of the Internet. But with  BroadBand, you'll discover a whole new world online.

Zen Internet

Ibisco has chosen award winning Zen Internet as its preferred ADSL supplier for business users.


ADSL Hardware

Ibisco has chosen

D-Link and DrayTek

 as its preferred manufacturers of BroadBand related equipment.

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