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Business Package Installation Service


Ibisco can configure your business/office installation using appropriate hardware as follows;


Teleworking - Home to Office

Ibisco can implement, using the appropriate modem/router hardware, a secure home to office link over the internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) configuration.  You and your colleagues will then be able to access office based applications from your home with effective speed. You can also remain connected to the Office for as long as you choose, your monthly BroadBand connect price gives you un-metered access.


Office to Office Networking

Ibisco can securely connect your existing networks in business premises at different locations, over the internet, using Virtual Private Network links providing a most cost effective and efficient solution. This type of feature was previously only enjoyed by larger organisations due to the previously high cost of the required telecommunications equipment.


Office Monitoring

Using 'state of the art' digital video cameras you could now monitor your business from any Internet connected PC/Laptop anywhere in the world.


Office Resource Sharing

Shared Internet Access - Multiple computers can share the same Broadband access simultaneously.

Shared Peripherals - Multiple computers can share office printers and files can be shared/transferred effortlessly between PCs/Laptops.

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